Tips to be kept in mind while buying You tube subscribers

A subscriber can actually become a raving fan who follows your channel, watches and comments and may share your videos with others. Also, others who come across your channel will be more likely to subscribe if it already has thousands of subscribers. Thus, it becomes important to have subscribers in order to create a strong online community base. However, is it okay to buy views and subscribers on YouTube? And if you do, what are the important points to keep in mind? Can money actually buy success?

Points to keep in mind while buying YouTube subscribers

First, to Buy YouTube Subscribers for money can work both ways. It can either hasten the growth of your channel by manifolds or completely backfire and result in the termination of your YouTube Account. You need to know your risks well before making a decision. Buying automated views is against YouTube policy. However, buying human views can be an option as it is not explicitly stated in the YouTube policies. Most view-selling services guarantee views, comments and subscribers from real people and take proper precautions to avoid detection. But no one can really cross-check if the hired subscribers are following their instructions properly or for how long can activities like these go unseen by YouTube Monitoring methods.

There are, therefore, certain tips to be kept in mind while buying subscribers for your channel.

  • First, you need to start focusing on actually building your audience. Work on your videos, build better content and maintain consistency. Because, you cannot always be hiring people to mindlessly subscribe to your videos. In order to make people (even paid viewers) to be actually interested in your views, you need to devise effective ways to attract them. Once people are engaged, and have subscribed to your channel, they will follow you up.
  • Second, be sure about the agencies where you are hiring viewers from. Do a background check on them. Make sure that they aren’t selling automated subscribers that may result in the termination of your account. Look for companies that have a good record and actually employ real people. Ensure that the hired viewers are doing their job well. Quality can only be ensured, if you yourself ensure it.
  • Third, make use of annotations in your video. ‘Annotations’ are flashy little sticky notes that you may have noticed all over some videos. A few strategically placed annotations should do the trick for you. For example, do not place the ‘click here to subscribe’ annotation at the beginning of your video. Adjust it more towards the end, so that the viewer actually watches the video.
  • Fourth, consistently interact! If you want comments, you need to comment back as well. Writing polite replies to people or answering their query makes people more comfortable. Also, if you’re actively involved in your channel, people will be curious to discover what more you have to offer to them. Interact with other content creators too. Comment, like and subscribe to other channels and support them in their marketing efforts and they might do it back for you too. Barter is always a good idea.
  • Fifth, work towards building a reputation. There is no shortcut to success. Sure, when you buy YouTube Subscribers it initially can give you a good head start, but it is definitely not a practice for the longer run. Make sure whatever you do is within the legal boundaries of YouTube and its policies. Work on your videos. Take viewer feedbacks into consideration. Come up with new and innovative ideas. And most importantly, stay away from malpractices. A good reputation always goes a long way.

Now that you have some useful tips up your sleeve, hurry and build yourself an empire of massive views, exposure and targeted viewer traffic and some decent money and fame!