Facebook has become the popular social media

Facebook has gained importance among the social media’s in recent days. This face book is an American online website. Which was created by Harvard students in 2004. When they started they started with limited members. But it started growing at a higher speed and the members are uncountable now. The growth of this face book is huge and also very speedy. The social media is now used as a communication media which spreads all over the world very quickly. This website can be accessed from any part of the world. All they need is a proper internet connection. Facebook in the USA is very popular as it was introduced there.

Using facebook

Advantages and disadvantages of facebook

Whatever the technology may be there will be both pros and cons. No one cares about the cons as they can be overcome using some technique.

  • Using facebook helps us to maintain friends. Not only our close circle friends but also we can interact with many friends.
  • Today’s world is very fast and none of us have time to spend with our friends or even with our family members. This facebook helps us to keep in touch with our friends and relatives regularly.
  • People use this facebook when they travel to the office in train, bus or car. Whatever the place may be or wherever we go we can access it if we have a good internet.
  • Many of them use this as the communication media through which they communicate the news to all. Even police use this site to find out the culprits.
  • This sometimes makes the person addicted to the website and they keep on hanging on to it. This may cause health problems because they sit in the same place and keep chatting.
  • This affects the users psychologically sometimes. So when they use these websites they must be very careful. So that they won’t get addicted to this.

Using facebook in the USA is very common and each and every person has their facebook account. They use this facebook for many useful purposes. Only very rare cases go addicted to the website others utilize it properly.