Everything You Should Know About Arc System Components

Arc Systems is a company responsible for providing aerospace industries with dependable components for high-precision motors. Let’s take a look at a few of these components and what they do.

Brushless DC Motors:

The problem with brushed DC motors is that the brushes wear out eventually after some time. You don’t face this problem while using brushless DC motors. This extends the lifespan of brushless motors compared to brushed ones as they can get rid of sparking. The size of brushless meters varies from 0.75 inches in diameter to 4 inches that can come in horsepower of up to 2.5. Depending on the application, the voltage inputs can vary anywhere from 12 to 600 volts. For commutation, hall sensors are provided which can handle temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Brushless DC Motors

AC Induction:

Depending on the requirements, there are single phase and three phase motors available for use. These motors are often called workhorse motors and are generally used in heavy duty applications. There is a choice when it comes to materials for rotors. It could either come with copper rotors or aluminum rotors depending on the preference. The typical speed ranges anywhere from a very tiny amount of horsepower to three horsepower. The range can be changed based on the requirements.

Motor Generators:

If you have worked with a closed-loop feedback control system, you know that the AC motor generators are an integral part of it. These generators basically sense when there is something wrong with the performance of a mechanism and fixes it. The accuracy when it comes to sensing errors are very high, in other words, these generators are used when the most accurate response is required. These precision generators are highly energy efficient and cost very less.

Motor Rotor Castings:

The AC servo motors are designed to meet the specific requirements of MIL-S-22432 and SAE ARP-497. The size varies from 8 to 23. These motors are also very energy efficient as they can perform 60 to 400Hz and are available in 2,4,6,8 and 12 pole designs.

Stator Assemblies:

Stator assemblies are found in an AC motor and are stationary. Since the stator core is made up of stacked laminations, it gives them the freedom to use different materials depending on the magnetic specifications. The special tooling, epoxy is used for alignment of clean laminations and then cured to form a bonded stack. To produce coil assemblies with precise turns, a specific type of magnet wire is wound on winding mandrels.Usually, high-temperature magnet wires are used in this process. The coil size should be kept as minimal as possible to get short end turns and fewer resistance values.

These are just some of the components produced by Arc Systems that help in creating a dependable source for high-precision motors and AC components.