Be on the Lookout for Coffee Maker with Extra Features

There is no doubt that coffee is beneficial in more ways than one that is why it should be consumed daily. Instead of queuing every day at coffee shops for a cup of coffee, it is practical and convenient to have a coffee maker at home. By having a coffee maker at home, you are assured that the coffee is always fresh.

There are different types of coffee makers like drip coffee maker, single-serve coffee maker, spacemaker coffee maker, French press and espresso makers. Choose a type that will cater to your needs. You have to know that these coffee makers have standard features but you need a coffee maker that is different from the others.

drip coffee maker

You should be on the lookout for a coffee maker with extra features. The price of the coffee maker will depend on the extra features. Here are some extra features that you should think about:

Programmable settings

There are people who rush every morning to work. Rushing means not having enough time to brew a fresh coffee. If this is always the case, what is the use of your coffee maker? If you have many activities in the morning, a programmable coffee maker can make a difference. Upon buying, ask the salesperson to input your preferred settings in such a way that it will automatically brew given the time.


If you are particular about your coffee grounds, you should look for a coffee maker with built-in grinder otherwise you need to buy a separate grinder. A fresh grind coffee has better taste than pre-packaged one. Built-in coffee grinders are practical and convenient choice.

Automatic shutoff

When you are rushing sometimes you forget to turn off things. There is always that uneasy feeling when you thought about something that you didn’t do.  With automatic shutoff coffee maker, you will be assured that it will turn off as soon as you are done.

More warmers

Having more warmers is particularly helpful for corporate offices and other commercial settings. Having more warmers will be convenient plus it can cater many people at the same time.

Water filter

You should know that when water is added to the coffee, the taste would not be as pure. Many people are particular with the impurities of the coffee. If you are also particular about the impurities, you need to consider a water filter. Many expensive and high-end coffee makers provide water filters to enhance the flavor.


If you love a nice cup of coffee with steamed milk, you should look for a coffee maker with steamer/frother. You might think this feature is only for the coffee shops. You thought wrong. With the right espresso machine, you can have a coffee shop-like coffee that you’ve been dreaming about. If you just prefer a plain black coffee, having a steamer/frother is not necessary.

As mentioned, the price will depend on the added feature. It tends to be pricey but if you really need it, it will be worth it at the end of the day.