Unmasking The Unmasker – Jay Sekulow

For centuries it has been noticed that some specific religion or clans have been targeted by the society because of the traditions and cultures they follow or practice. In earlier times such problems or issues were presented in front of the nobles like kings and monarchs. But with the passage of time, nowadays, when people gets oppressed in the society and their religion, caste or creed gets targeted then the option available in front of them is to knock the door of the court.

professional layers

You can take assistance from professional layers who can present the case on your behalf and can offer you’re their expert services pertaining to a specific area or field. For those who are facing the problem of religious litigations and looking to find out the best and most experienced attorney, Jay Sekulow is the right person for the job.

Now the question arises as to who is Jay Sekulow? What kind of cases does he handle? How many years of experience does he have?

About Jay Sekulow :-

One of the most renowed name in the United States, Jay Sekulow is considered to be the best religious litigators, with years of experience in dealing with cases pertaining to international religious liberties and constitutional freedom. His work is not famous only in America but also around the world as well.

He serves as the Chief Counsel of ACLJ and has a very good track record. His ideas and viewpoints have completely revolutionized the religious litigations to a great extent. His cliental comprises of even some of the very well-acclaimed political parties as well.

Jay Sekulow completed his graduation from the University of Mercer and then joined the Mercer Law school, from where he passed out as one of the top students. After receiving his Ph.D, he worked for the IRS as a tax attorney and after a while established his own law firm. Jay Sekulow also trains new attorneys and federal officers serving as a faculty member of OLE in the U.S.

The litigation strategies developed by him are now taught in various law schools all over the world. Due to such a good and high success rate Jay Sekulow is undoubtedly considered as the best attorney for handling religious proceedings or court cases.