Pregnancy signifies a new life, a new beginning. Sometimes it is expected, other times unexpected. The first question a woman always asks herself is, do I want this child? Should I? Can I? It is an emotionally draining moment for a woman who is not ready for a child due to complications with her career, age, health and financial constraints. For this woman, abortion seems to be the best solution. Some women prefer seeking medical intervention, while others have opted for home abortion methods.

A fetus needs nutrients to survive. A woman’s body produces the ideal hormones to facilitate progress of pregnancy. Home abortion methods seek to deprive the fetus with the right nutrients and hinder the production of hormones needed for the pregnancy. When the production of these hormones is interfered with, a woman is likely to experience a miscarriage.

Home abortion methods

Home abortion methods

Large consumption of vitamin C

Women who have used this method claim that it only works if a woman is more than four weeks pregnant. It is believed that taking large volumes of vitamin C will force a woman to menstruate and in the process have a miscarriage.

Extreme exercise

During the first trimester, doctors ask that a pregnant woman be cautious when it comes to exercise and the work they do. If a woman does extreme exercise, she is likely to experience a miscarriage. However, the exercise needs to be rigorous enough to cause a miscarriage.


High dosage of cinnamon is a natural stimulant of the uterus. This spice also helps to ease the pain of an abortion. Many women who opt for natural abortion prefer taking cinnamon to not only ensure abortion, but a painless one too. However, for this to work, one is advised to take the cinnamon raw to experience its full potential.

Black cohosh

This herb is often used in India to induce abortion. The black and blue cohosh is used mostly because they are readily available and is not expensive.

Home abortion methods have been accepted by many women as a natural means of a woman taking charge of her body and pregnancy.