All You Need To Know About Simple Payday Quick Loan Charges

When you are applying for a loan, before you even start the process, it is important that you are aware of the charges that you will be paying on top of the principal amount. Quick loans have been the “go to” rescuer of most people having problems with managing their debts. There may be a good number of online lenders in the UK, but Simple Payday is one of the fastest and the most reliable lending company today.

Simple Payday Quick Loans

Simple Payday Quick Loans

Simple Payday is very popular all across the UK. This may sound like a typical lending company. However, their services and loan options are quite different compared to other companies. Aside from the quick loan offers, they also do not require you to have a good credit rating. As long as you are over 18 years of age, a resident of the UK and you have a stable paycheck, then you are eligible to file for a loan.

The 5-Minute Quick Loan Application

When you want to apply for a quick loan, you need to click here and click on “Apply”. Fill out the form and make sure you provide correct information. Remember that the information that you supply the system will be one of the bases for the amount that you can loan. It will just take you about 5 minutes to fill up the application form. Once this has been forwarded to the lenders, they will notify you whether your application is accepted or not.

The Simple Payday Charges That You Should Be Aware Of

  • The FEE. Simple Payday Loans charge a fee when you apply for a quick loan. This will be applied to your account as one installment.
  • Interest Charge. The interest charge is calculated per annum. But the fixed interest rate is at 292%. So, for example, you borrowed £250 which is payable for three months, the total amount that you will pay in these three months will be £411.63.

Best In Customer Assistance

When you need assistance with your loans, or you just need answers to your queries that you cannot find online, the company has the best experts in customer care who would be able to assist you until you get the results of your application. You can ring them up at 0808 189 0649. You can also send a message to their customer assistance and have it done online. Fill out the assistance form and you will be contacted as soon as possible.