The Main Purpose of Oil Well Christmas Trees

Oil mining is the industry that controls the bigger part of the world’s economy and trade. As such, a lot of individuals and corporations have invested in funding mining operations and doing any business that’s highly related to oil. It’s a natural substance that can be found deep within the ground and can only be acquired through a certain process of drilling and extraction.

Oil Well Christmas Trees

Different devices and heavy machinery are used to guarantee efficiency in the process and to ensure the safety of the workers. Among the different items and machines being used for a basic mining operation, you’ll see that a well head Christmas trees are the most basic devices constantly used for the drilling processes once potential oil wells are found. The term Christmas tree is derived from the fact that the entire device resembles a well-decorated tree. It’s been adopted by the people in the field and it also became a famous term. At times, these are confused with the actual trees used during Christmas season when applied in a common conversation. So there’s a need to properly determine the differences.

What is a wellhead and what is a Christmas tree?

These two terms are often interchanged and used. But in truth, these are two different parts of one connected machine. The tree pertains to the various valves and different parts that creates the tree-like appearance of the pump. Wellhead, on the other hand, is the main part of the entire pump. The device can’t function without a wellhead but it can function even without the tree. And the tree will only be functional when the main wellhead is present.

The purpose of the tree

Over time, the parts of the tree became more elaborate since different are often used to properly extract the oil. The machine is also attached to a non-producing well to guarantee sustainability and efficiency in extraction without worrying about it drying up at a fast rate. Most of the industries are constantly improving their processes. For instance, they often use a specific valve to inject gas and certain chemicals to efficiently achieve a distilled product.

Trees for safety reasons

This can also act as a control system for the other parts that can be very hard to reach once the drilled hole becomes too deep. The system always has a fail-safe that can be used to guarantee the smooth flow of the whole process. Mining is a highly profitable yet dangerous business. Every precaution must be taken to help keep investments and people safe.

The Christmas tree and wellhead combination continues to improve as time goes by. The other individuals have seen a lot of features to include in order to make it functional. This also creates a process that can be trusted, so the changes made to the entire machine will not stop there.

It’s necessary to promote inspections and proper maintenance for each machine, especially the ones directly involved in the drilling and extraction process. A malfunction will signal loss of billions of dollars. And this needs to be prevented.