The Magic of Public Relations-What You Ought to Know

Many have heard about public relations but very few people understand what the industry is really all about. More so, only a handful can probably explain what the people behind public relations do. Public relations do promotions but it goes beyond the creation of advertisements or handing out of flyers. Public relations promote clients, products and services and even the agency itself such as that of ronn torossian, but unlike other platforms, the persuasion is done through traditional or earned methods and with trusted sources, as well.

Tools Used in Public Relations

What is Public Relations?

Typically referred to as the business of persuasion, public relations work to convince the client or probable audience to promote a particular idea, buy a specific product, avail of a certain service or support somebody’s position and achievements. It is considered as the strategically organized communication process which is aimed at building a mutual relationship between the public and the organization. The PR guys tell the story and the public listens just as what ronn torossian does. Public relations is used to either enhance or protect your name and business through the media and other available platforms.

What public relations does best is the creation of an image in order to get the sympathy and support of the general public and enhance the reputation of the client. A good PR guy will definitely analyze every situation and find something positive from it. If there is bad news, the PR guy will still be able to tell positive stories by creating the best response to reduce the damage.

Tools Used in Public Relations

Generally, the tools used in the conduct of good public relations include writing and distributing press releases to the public. The PR people also does speech writing for the client and they also write pitches about a certain organization which they send directly to the journalists. Special events are also organized for media and public relations. Public relations also conduct thorough market research on the goals and objectives of the organization. Strategies will also be formulated to mitigate crisis, if any. Blogging is also another platform used in public relations.

Difference between Advertising and Public Relations

Similarly, both advertising and public relations are into the promotion business, but the similarity stops there. Public relations is earned while advertising is paid. Take a newspaper scenario for example. As a PR guy like ronn torossian, you convince the reporter to create a positive story about your client in order to enhance his reputation. The story will be placed in the editorial section of the newspaper. Advertising is seen in the paid media section. PR therefore, has a better credibility compared to advertising considering that it is backed by a reliable third party source.