The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Making The Most of an Opportunity

Adam Jiwan has served on boards of directors in several countries and industries. In his career, he became a managing partner of Ridge Road Partners. He sat on the Board of Brazilian Finance, the top independent real estate finance company. He also served as a director of TPG-Axon Capital in Hong Kong. He has also served as a director for the holding company of a Russian bank during his career. He also is a shareholder advisory board member of the private equity firm in Latin America. Outside of his board duties, he makes world investments in the global experience. He takes an active role in helping the Ridge Road Partners portfolio firms. He even and to improve the businesses together with his partners. He spent more than a decade working for other investment firms. He helped to grow business globally by establishing and co-running operations for years. He spent several years to establish a new firm before he started as an analyst working in private equity.

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Key To Learning

Adam Jiwan is fond of learning new things to follow the business trend. The new excite him to carry out new ideas and business models to succeed in the long run. According to him, the key to every success is the root of knowledge. The formal education system can help evolve the young minds to think of a better plan in the future. The education system is essential for the future success in every aspect of the world. If you have the knowledge and ideas, you will likely to develop the best strategy to compete in the industry. You don’t need to have long years of rote learning, all you need is to know when to collaborate your ideas. You need to bring them to life for implementation, don’t stick your ideas in your mind. The education and information are inspiring as it can remove barriers to access. This is the best tool that can drive inclusion for everyone who is willing to engage in the industry.

Show Up and Be Curious

The most famous quote of Jiwan is when a new opportunity feels right, don’t overthink it. You need to find a way to make it happen. He has traveled to countless countries to invest in major companies. He always makes it a habit to show up and explore when it comes to a new idea, a unique opportunity or a new experience. You need to run with the new opportunity to capture the best about it. He spends little time in the office and tends to be in motion all-the-time. He always has a plan in mind which he thinks will be a sensible advice to share with all aspiring in the industry. By showing up, being curious and being razor-focused, you will see opportunities. You need to follow up some opportunities in random ways as this might lead you to investments.

The best thing about him is that he gives free advice and share experiences with those who are interesting. He helps young people who are trying to figure out the business industry. He finds the mentorship as an enormous role in his successes as he tries to share the learning he had with others. He offers everything he knows for free and without expectation. If you are hesitant to step-out, read the best advice from the well-known entrepreneur. Open up your ideas and make it happen, you can be as successful as him.