Ronn Torossian: A Look Into The Life Of Star PR Executive

Ronn torossian, an American PR executive who is the founder as well as CEO of 5WPR a New York based company is well known as a prominent PR professional. 5WPR could be aptly said as one of the best PR firm in America, this could have become possible only with the vision and execution of Torossian. Business awards of America awarded him with the title of Public relation executive of the year. Along with that he also gained a position in the semi-finals of Ernst and young entrepreneur of the year and various other awards are also placed proudly in his shelf.


5WPR: a right decision at right time

Prior to starting his own company 5WPR, Ronn Torrosian has realized the room for innovation, change as well as growth in the public relation industry. He started the company as an operation by one man and now after the time period of fifteen years, there are about one seventy five people with him. Still he feels that there is a lot of scope in the field for upcoming future. Name of the company itself would tell you about the intellect thought process of Ronn as the company’s name 5WPR suggests it’s the answer to 5 W’s of public relations what, when, who, where and why. His approach towards the work has always been focused on real time operations and effective results along with constant growth in innovation.

Best PR executive as well as a good family man

Ronn begins his day by waking up early in the morning that is before 6 O’clock. He does workout, and have breakfast with children while reading newspaper just like a normal family man do. He believes that it is really important to devote time to kids for their better upbringing and so he does to his two beautiful children. He is very punctual of time and usually reaches the office by 8:30 and then his meetings starts. Generally, he haves dinner at his favorite restaurants and he sleeps on time. He believes that no day is unproductive and some or the other thing could be done in a creative manner every day.