Goods transported by water are subjected to drench, fall and damage if they are not transported properly. As many major items coal, bulk dry powders, coffee and huge building materials are transported by sea it is essential that the shipping agent chooses for a genuine and reliable source that can ship their goods safely.  Very often it so happens that a trader has lot of orders to ship but doesn’t have the container to ship them effectively. It is here that   they need the assistance of a professional who can guide them to a right supplier. Davenport Laroche is one such agent who connects merchants wanting to hire or buy new containers for their trade needs to Container owners.

What do they do?

In simple words, Container agents take the responsibility of acting as mediators between buyers and sellers of shipping containers.  They find out a reliable seller for buyers who want to hire or purchase shipping containers for their business requirements.


They help your investments utilised to the best possible way by introducing you to a trust worthy seller.

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Best service:

A professional Container agent is very skilled in finding out the best equipment required for a trader’s necessities.

Various tasks:

They undertake activities like leasing and sourcing containers, settling money matters and transferring incomes.

Look out for good markets:

They choose the most profitable markets for sellers and help them in getting maximum profits for their goods.

Ideal price:

 Established Container agents are well versed in releasing a suitable price quote for both the parties. They try to examine the efficiency of the product to the core and give the best deal suitable for both the parties-good profit for the seller and the most reasonable price for the buyers.

Arrange transportation:

They arrange for transportation of freight to the shipping platform and see that they are loaded in correct order.

Calculation of costs:

They calculate shipping costs and see that money matters are settled without delay.


It is the duty of the shipping agent to see that all documents like Insurance forms, cargo receipts and deliverables are arranged and handed over to the receiver with due responsibility.