Best time to buy a car

You should buy a new car only when the need arises and only when you feel that you are truly ready to buy it. There is no fixed time for it. Buying a car is very stressful work. It cannot be done in a day or two unless you have already decided your choice of car and you are ready to pay any amount the sales dealer ask for. But this does not happen in this way. But if you are the one who is looking to save as much money as you can while buying from luxury car dealerships in chicago, then we have got some tips for you.

End of the Month

During the month end, there are various dealers who might not have been able to fill up their sales quota and so they will not be getting a bonus for it. This bonus acts as a motivation for the dealers who would try hard to get a deal with the buyer offering you cars at a very discounted rate. They think of making up the lost money with the bonus.

However, be aware of the fact that if the sales dealer has already met his quota, then you might not get it at the price which you are expecting. You might not have the knowledge of this beforehand so if you find out that you are being offered a very low price, you should ask the salesperson about the reason of why is he willing to lose so much of money on this deal. If you are satisfied with the reason, and if you find the price to be better than what you have expected, you can comfortably complete the deal.

Best time to buy a car

End of the Calendar Year

If your main goal is to save the most amount of money while buying or leasing a car, then the year-end sales in the month of December are the perfect way to get you a lot of savings. The best way to look for a car is to look at the generous incentives of the outgoing model. December is the best month for the highest discounts and highest incentives. Automakers e on the lookout to end their year with strong sale records. They want to sell off the cars which are of the prior model year so that they can get space for the new model cars.

Each manufacturer has their own ways of handling sales. Most of the car dealers have the collection of the best prior year vehicles during the end of the year, where the chances of those cars being bought are very less.


You will get a lot of opportunities during the entire year to close in on a great car deal. In the end, it all comes down to your patience, requirement,and research.