The Springfest Testimonials


The Rutgers Master Gardeners of Bergen County look forward to our field trip to Springfest each year. We all agree it is one of the most genuine & friendly shows of its kind in New Jersey. It is a true flower and garden show; all vendors and displays celebrate people & plants, nothing else. The prices of plants and horticultural items are fair and all of us bring home new things for the indoor and outdoor gardens. The educational opportunities are great; short lectures and classes that are of the highest quality. The garden displays at Springfest are some of the best to be seen anywhere, and every year brings new creations that wow and inspire. Thank you, Springfest!

Joel Flagler Rutgers Agricultural Extension Agent for Bergen County Professor, Plant Biology


I just returned from the flower show at the Sussex County Fairgrounds and was very impressed by the vibrant colors and beautiful groupings of both flowers and greenery. The garden and patio designs were breath-taking and show both good design and creative positioning of plants and shrubs. The display of plants in water culture was well done and could solve some of our problem of gardening in rocky soil! Also intriguing were the flower wreaths on the garbage cans. What a beautiful way to show off a very useful item. The new building is very impressive and well constructed, and the huge tent and use of the barn produced a large and well-planned area. Thanks for a very enjoyable demonstration of the many aspects of gardening by dedicated and talented people.

Helen Tompkins Lake Owassa


My experience speaking at the Springfest Garden Show was fantastic! The volunteers were knowledgable, helpful and enthusiastic. The room where I spoke was well marked (easy for audience to find) properly set-up with the appropriate technology, which worked as it was supposed to, and hooking up my computer was a snap. The show is well run and full of great exhibitors. The audience was interested and diverse. I can't wait to speak there again!

Rich Pomerantz


Springfest Flower and Garden Show is one of my favorite Sussex County yearly events. It happens just when the winter seems never ending and I desperately need the warmth of springtime. Having the opportunity to share my presentation on birds that call the Garden State home gives me great pleasure. The audiences are always attentive and have great questions. If I can open the eyes of a few people to the wonders of nature in Sussex County and New Jersey, then I have done my job. If Springfest isn’t on your calendar yet, it should be.

Donna Traylor


I LOVED being part of your show. Thank you so much for having me! I have to say this is one of the best flower shows I have participated in - given the combination of interesting vendors, display, charming atmosphere and cheerful, every-helpful volunteers. I hope I will be invited as a speaker again in 2014! All my best.

Kerry Ann Mendez


I cleared my calendar to make sure I could attend Springfest - "an earnest, plant-loving celebration!"

Ellen Hovercamp


What a GREAT show! Everything was wonderful from the informative & entertaining talks, the wide range of exhibits, the overall organization and theme of the show. You did an amazing job - congratulations!

On behalf of Garden State Gardens, we thank you for allowing us to participate. Our location (and finding a second table) was perfect. Our gardens flyers were literally flying off the table…..

GSG’s 23 public gardens thank you!!

Katy Weidel


Springfest has consistently been the best show in the region for bringing together horticultural producers, artists, landscape designers and home gardeners who appreciate quality plant materials and creative designs

Brian Oleksak Department Chair Landscape and Horticultural Technology Department
The County College of Morris

  • Springfest Garden Show will go on no matter what! Whether it is raining, snowing, or perfect blue skies; we look forward to seeing you this year in 2015!
  • We are lining up exciting lecturers for you to enjoy while visiting the show. If you are interested in being a lecturer, please contact us. We are always looking for new and different topics to discuss!
  • The Still Life Competition will be returning and you can expect to see beautiful floral designs within a picture frame.