Springfest Competitions

2015 Competitions

Still-Life Competition

Visitors will be treated to an art exhibit unlike anything you will see in a gallery, located in the front entrance. Each ‘artist’ will try to charm the judges by ‘painting’ a still life using objects and live plants. They will design a vignette within a frame that tells a story, as well as inspire Springfest visitors to create their own ‘works of art’ using the colors and fragrance of nature as their paintbrush. The exhibit will be on display throughout this charming 4-day Show.

People’s Choice

As you stroll through the gardens at the Springfest Garden Show take note of your favorite landscape display. Every visitors will be ask to vote for their favorite landscape garden and the winner will receive a ribbon and recognition.

Commercial/Educational Exhibitor Competition

Springfest’s commitment to showcase the highest quality exhibitors with distinctive products and services in a charming garden setting has been a driving force in achieving recognition as “NJ’s finest flower & garden show” The Star-Ledger. Without the exhibitor’s help, this distinction, along with the tremendous growth and popularity of the show would not be possible. Ribbons and recognition will be given out to both the commercial and education exhibitors that go beyond and present a quality booth.

  • Show retires after 20 years. Click here for more information.